Q: What is the advantage of using LocalBods?
Local sourcing strengthens communities and builds trust. You’ll discover specialists that you didn’t even know were nearby.

Q: How does LocalBods work?
LocalBods is an Online Community Services Directory. By choosing a location and selecting a service category, we will show you Small Businesses/Service Providers that match. You can review all the listings and contact whomever you wish.

Q: How do I choose the right ‘bod’ for the work?
The Pins on our map correspond to LocalBods that offer the service in the area that you have selected. Associated with each pin is an InfoWindow displaying the company’s basic info and links to their website or social media where you can review more details, and possibly view a gallery of previous projects. If you’re interested, simply contact the provider about your project.

Q: Is there a charge to search for LocalBods?
NO! It’s FREE to find a LocalBod on our site. Businesses pay a small fee to list in our directory.

Q: How do I know I can trust the tradesperson/service provider listed on LocalBods?
You should always use your own judgement to decide if a provider is the right one for your needs. Use the links to view their website, review previous projects, and check references to make an informed decision. LocalBods would be delighted to have your feedback regarding service providers you have found using our site.

Q: What do you do to make sure tradespeople/service providers are qualified to do the work?
You should always use your own judgement before employing a service provider (whether or not you found them on LocalBods!). LocalBods is not a regulatory body, and as such you should ensure your potential service providers have the relevant qualifications for the project before proceeding. You should verify any qualifications claimed by Service Providers.

Q: How do I get in contact with a LocalBod to do a job?
In each pop-up InfoWindow associated with a LocalBod, there will be a variety of contact options such as phone numbers, email, or website. You can even contact some LocalBods via WhatsApp directly from our site!

Q: What happens if the LocalBod does a poor job?
Our suggestion is to work with the Service Provider to get an acceptable resolution to any issues you encounter. We’d like to think that most Service Providers are conscientious and will work with your to complete the work satisfactorily. They have a reputation to maintain! Make sure you leave a review on their website/social media feed with your feedback.

Q: Would you remove any unsatisfactory LocalBods?
We review each application to join LocalBods, and whilst we cannot be held responsible for the quality of individual work provided, we use our best efforts to ensure their listing is accurate. Of course, we are always listening to customers comments and feedback.

Q: There are other recommendations websites, why should I use LocalBods?
We don’t sell leads. We don’t ‘weight’ listings. We don’t sell your information. We provide an honest and efficient way for local customers and local service providers to connect.

Q: What is the BodsBlog?
Our BodsBlog announces new Service Providers that join our Community, keeping you informed for future reference. We will also look to adding user feedback.


Q: How do I join Localbods?
There are 3 stages to becoming listed in our Online Community Services Directory:

  • Add your company to our database to create your Pin and InfoWindow. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Contact us for assistance getting your details added.
  • Purchase your subscription (12-month term).
  • Your information is reviewed and verified, then your pin is activated and your listing becomes ‘live’ on our map.

Q: What is a Pin?
A ‘Pin’ is a marker on our LocalBods Map representing one service provider.

Q: What is an InfoWindow?
When a viewer hovers over a Pin, a pop-up InfoWindow appears with that providers basic information and contacts.

Q: How many Pins do I get for a subscription?
The basic Single Pin Subscription is for a one location on our map. There is no limit to the number of times your pin appears in customers’ searches.

Q: What if my business has multiple locations?
We have multi-pin options for companies with more than one office or who cover larger areas. Find out more details on our How It Works page.

Q: How much is a subscription?
Our subscription term is 12-months based on the number of Pin locations required. LocalBods is a cost-effective way to stretch your advertising budget. Payment options are available to suit your needs. Get the details on our How It Works page.

Q: Do you have any special offers?
As a ‘Thank You’ for joining our Community Services Directory, we offer extended subscriptions of up to 6 months. This is a limited offer. Join up now!

Q: How do customers find me?
Customers find your Pin when their searches include the business category and location area of your listing.

Q: I don’t have a website or social media links, what do I do?
We can help with that! We also offer WhatsApp functionality so potential customers can contact you directly from your listing on the LocalBods site.

Q: Can customers leave reviews of my work on LocalBods for prospective customers to see?
We are working on it! In the future we hope to include this feature, meanwhile, encourage customers to leave reviews on your website. When prospective customers link from LocalBods to your site, they will have access to comments.

Q: How do I get the most out of using LocalBods?

  • Be concise in the description of your services in your listing and offer multiple ways for customers to contact you. Provide links to your website or business profiles and keep them up to date. Upload an eye-catching logo to be featured in the InfoWindow and also in the rotating display below the map.
  • And when you need to find a provider, use the LocalBods directory to source other local businesses for your needs. The Localbods community is growing—bookmark our site, like our Facebook page—be a community builder!

Q: My question hasn’t been asked, how do I contact you?
We’ve tried to list some of the most common questions, but please contact us if your question is not answered here.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
We hope you won’t! However, you can terminate your subscription at the end of your 12-month commitment. Contact us if you need to discuss your subscription.

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